Clinical Study Publication for Sidapharm Lenses

Clinical Study Publication for Sidapharm Lenses

Sidapharm is happy to share with you its latest clinical study conducted at the esteemed Ippokrateio hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The study examines the PCO rates of our hydrophobic IOL and is published in page 23 in Journal ‘Greek Annals of Ophthalmology.

Greek Annals of Ophthalmology

As you know Sidapharm’s focus is always on providing the highest quality products and this study comes to support this claim by showing extremely low PCO rates after 1 year of implantation.  We hope this study will help you in your efforts to promote all Sidapharm IOLs and especially the hydrophobic models SDHB, SDHBY, SDHB6130 along with our newest premium product, the Orizon Preloaded Lens.

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