Ophthalmic Viscoelastics (OVDs)


Offering an ophthalmic viscosurgical device that has low viscosity but is extremely dispersive and it is ideal for coating and and protecting the eye during anterior segment ophthalmic procedures. Sterile pre-filled luer lock glass syringe supplied with a cannula, containing a high concentration of HPMC Non-antigenic (allergic) Completely transparent Non-pyrogenic.


HPMC 2% exhibits moderate viscoelasticity characteristics, with retentive but also excellent tissue coating abilities. Offers good space maintenance and excellent tissue protection throughout the ophthalmic procedure

Ambient storage


  • Sterile pre-filled syringe supplied with a cannula
  • Low molecular weight and low surface tension
  • Available in 2 ml luer-lock glass syringe
  • High concentration of HPMC
  • Non-antigenic (allergic)
  • Completely transparent
  • Non-pyrogenic